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Identification and Recruitment

As stipulated in the most recent Letter to the Administrator regarding the ID&R of migrant students, all Project Districts are responsible for conducting active year-round identification and recruitment of all eligible students, including OSY, within the district boundaries. Remember that the school district community goes beyond the campus walls.

The Texas Manual for Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children explains that “under section 1304(c)(8) of 114-95, Texas is responsible for identifying and recruiting all eligible migrant children residing in the state.” It goes on to define identification as “actively looking for and finding migrant children” and recruitment as “making contact with the family or youth, obtaining the necessary information to document the child’s eligibility, and enrolling the child in the MEP.”5

The ID&R Manual also states that in order “for ID&R to be effective, it must be ongoing throughout the entire year, not just the school year; and balanced, which means that a variety of resources including the school district, local community, and local employers must be included in the efforts to identify and recruit all migrant children and their families who reside within the school district’s boundaries.”6

The TEA stresses that a recruiter must “on a year-round basis, use a variety of efforts to locate prospective migrant families both within the school environment and in the community.”7

It is critical that all LEAs accurately document the information provided during the ID&R interview. The Texas MEP has developed an TX-NGS and ID&R Quality Control process for ensuring that information is accurately captured on all COEs and entered into the TX-NGS system. This process is outlined in the TX-NGS and ID&R Manuals.

Click on the Recommended ID&R Process to see how districts can effectively identify and recruit eligible migratory children.

6 Texas Education Agency, Texas Manual, p. vii.