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If an ESC also chooses to function as a fiscal agent for an SSA, then they are performing two functions and have two separate responsibilities.

1. Under the ESSA Basic Services Initiative Grant, the ESC provides training and technical assistance for all Project Districts (Independent and SSA ) as well as Non-Project Districts.

2. Under the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant, the ESC serves as the fiscal agent for the migrant SSA. The ESC collaborates with the SSA Member Districts to Implement a fully developed MEP that serves the SSA Member Districts and their migratory students.

All the activities and collaboration presented in this section will be for ESCs supporting SSA Member Districts. An ESC that acts as a fiscal agent for an SSA must also perform all the responsibilities addressed in the Project and Non-Project District sections. Functioning as a fiscal agent does not absolve an ESC from performing the duties under the ESC Basic MEP grant. Responsibilities of ESCs in Supporting Project Districts and Non-Project Districts will be addressed in separate sections.

NOTE: For the purposes of this section of content, the term "ESC SSA MEP staff" will be used when referring to any ESC MEP staff member who supports or performs duties for SSA Member Districts (e.g., recruiters, TX-NGS data specialists, interventionists, counselors, coordinators, tutors). The term "SSAs" will refer to both the SSA Member Districts and the fiscal agent.

Across the state of Texas, each migrant SSA functions differently. This is due to the needs of the districts, the migrant population, and the availability of resources in the region. SSA Member Districts can pool and share financial and programmatic resources. This often enables SSA Member Districts to provide greater support for migratory students than if they elected to operate independently. As the fiscal agent, the ESC is responsible for all fiscal matters directly related to service implementation.

The video below explains the responsibilities of the ESC and SSA Member Districts when operating as an SSA.

ESCs functioning as a fiscal agent of an SSA should also review the Responsibilities of MEP SSA Member Districts section to ensure they are aware of responsibilities from the SSA Member District's perspective. Implementation of an SSA is a coordinated effort between the SSA Member District and the ESC acting as the fiscal agent. Neither partner can assume the other is implementing program requirements. Both are responsible for ensuring a successful migrant program and that migratory students receive the support they need.

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