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What is the role of the TX-NGS/MSIX data
specialist in supporting OSY?

The TX-NGS Data Entry Specialist and staff also have an important role in assisting migratory students and families

by ensuring that all data is accurately entered into the statewide TX-NGS database in a timely manner. MEP staff across the United States are dependent on the accuracy of the TX-NGS data in order to either offer needed services not yet provided or to continue services already initiated for migratory students and families in the sending and/or receiving districts.

Following are some suggested data entry services which may help migratory students:

  • Ensure the following activities are addressed accurately as per the timelines outlined in the TX-NGS manual:
    • Add comments or programs that each OSY student is receiving and/or enrolled in such as a GED Program.
    • Encode all supplemental services offered to migratory OSY.
  • Generate, print and distribute all reports to the designated MEP, district, or campus staff member as per guidance from the MEP coordinator and/or director.