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ESC MEP staff should follow the steps outlined by their respective ESC policies and tailor the sessions to the needs of each region and/or LEAs in the region.

Attend annual TOT on each MEP-related topic as required by the TEA to receive updated training materials and resources to share with LEAs. Access available training resources and an ESC MEP Staff Training Timeline via the ESC MEP Staff Only section of the TMEP portal.

During the summer and throughout the year before scheduling the session, check with districts and review school calendars to find available dates, times, and locations.

Place session title and description on the ESC's online registration system at least one month prior to session, two months if possible, so that districts can follow their LEA's protocol for registration to attend.

Contact District MEP staff and notify them via email of the planned session they are required to attend.

Plan content delivery, print needed, etc. and check on the number of participants signed up to ensure all LEAs receive the session details and materials needed before the date of the session.

Check and print sign-in sheets the day before the session. Make sure all districts are represented. If not, contact districts that will require the session to encourage attendance by a staff member.

Maintain documentation of each session offered including: Sign-in sheets, email notifications, training presentation, handouts, certificate of attendance. (Documentation will need to be maintained as part of the Compliance Reporting Process and may be submitted to the TEA during the Random Validation Process.)

Follow-up with districts that did not have staff in attendance to offer a subsequent training.