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A Bright Beginning

A Bright Beginning (ABB) is an early literacy program for three- and four-year old children in the Texas Migrant Education Program who are NOT enrolled in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or Head Start. The purpose of ABB is to build the early literacy skills of migratory children and to involve parents in the education of their children. Children who participate in this program develop the pre-reading skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten.

ABB includes both home-based and center-based components to allow educators to best meet the needs of their program. The home-based component includes lessons with an emphasis on parent involvement. The goal is for parents who participate in this version of the program to learn the strategies they need to support their child’s oral language development and to help develop early literacy skills. The center-based component includes lessons with extended curriculum connections. All components of the home-based and center-based programs are available in both English and Spanish.

For information on how to implement an ABB Program in your district, contact the ESC MEP staff in your region.