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Parents are the most important teachers a child can have! Schools have programs, tools, and teachers that help children learn different subjects. Parents also have a big role in teaching and supporting their child at home. When parents and schools work together as a team, they make sure children are ready for school and life. They can set all children on the path to success!

How does the Migrant Education Program (MEP) support parents in this partnership?

  • The MEP is available to all migratory children from birth through age 21 until they receive a US high school diploma or equivalency.
  • MEP staff can help parents communicate and feel comfortable working with school personnel.
  • MEP staff can work with parents to figure out what their child needs and organize support for those needs.
  • MEP staff can help parents learn about any instructional services offered by the district throughout the year (including supplemental instruction or tutoring), during the summer (including district- or MEP-funded summer programs), and intersession STAAR remediation programs.
  • The MEP also provides access to additional free resources to support children’s learning and growth.

Education resources for Parents of k-12 Migratory Children logo

Visit for at-home resources you can use to support your child with reading, writing, and math. (In English & Spanish)