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Appropriate use of MEP funds

The TEA provides two documents, Program-Specific Provisions and Assurances and Program Guidelines, to assist LEAs in operating a MEP. These documents work together to explain the expectations for MEP funding, how it should be used, and who should benefit. These resources should be referenced throughout the year to ensure the program is providing all required services and to determine if expenditures are appropriate.

These documents are located in the Application and Support Information section of the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application at the TEA Grant Opportunities web page.

Given the fact that all Independent Project Districts will be required to adhere to the fiscal guidelines outlined by the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application Guidelines in terms of financial responsibilities, the ESCs must share this important information during the ESC training to all Independent Project Districts.

 It is highly encouraged that an LEA Business Office staff member and Federal Program Director also attend this training along with MEP Staff.

For more information on the appropriate use of MEP Funds from the Independent Project District staff perspective, refer to the Program-Specific Provisions and Assurances & Program Guidelines .