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Frequently used terms

Parent(s): the person legally caring for a migratory student; could be a guardian
Child/children: youth aged 0-21 who have not graduated from high school or earned a HSE certificate
Student: youth enrolled in a public school in Texas
If you see this icon,   it means that the service or resource described is provided by the MEP and only available to migratory students.

The main goal of the MEP is to assist your child in completing graduation requirements for a high school diploma. The MEP may also assist students with the steps they need to prepare to attend a college or university, earn a vocational certification, or enter the military.

Before your child's graduation, the MEP may assist them with the following tasks:

  • Complete requirements for high school graduation or its equivalent
  • Complete work-interest surveys/interest inventories to determine potential career opportunities and interests
  • Gather necessary documents such as transcripts, resume, and community work logs
  • Apply to college* or vocational school
  • Visit local colleges and trade schools or meet with a military recruiter
  • Learn about options for paying for college

*The words “college” and “university” are used interchangeably in this document.

NOTE: Contact a high school counselor, college adviser, or migrant recruiter for more information on any of these topics.


After your child graduates from high school and receives a high school diploma, there are many opportunities that may be available to them. A High School Parent’s Guide to College Success (English only) on the Own Your Own Future (English only) website can be a valuable source of information for parents. Specific information about options available can be found in the linked content below.