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90 Percent Rule for Attendance

Migratory students often enroll in a school district late and/or withdraw early, making it challenging to meet the “90 percent rule” for attendance. The TEA has advised districts that minimum attendance for credit begins on the day the student enrolls in the district. The TEA further states that “students, including migrant students or transfer students, who could not have attended a class before enrollment should not have the days of class that occurred before their enrollment counted against them for purposes of the ‘90 percent rule.’ ”

Therefore, migratory students may receive credit for a course with less than the 90% attendance required by State law. The TEA encourages all counselors and registrars to ensure that all migratory students are afforded due process in the application of the attendance rule and has stated that “under no circumstances should a migrant student, due to migration, be denied the opportunity to complete coursework for credit.” The TEA also encourages all districts to develop credit accrual options, in addition to their regular class attendance offerings, in order to allow migratory students to demonstrate mastery of a course.