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Secondary Credit Accrual

Under §25.092, a district may establish ways to make up work or regain credit or a final grade that are workable in consideration of the circumstances. The section does not require that students spend a certain amount of time in a “Saturday school” or other educational setting equal to time missed during regular school hours. The district should be prepared with other options that give the student a reasonable opportunity to make up work or regain credit or a final grade even under challenging circumstances, including excessive absences that occur late in the school year.7

Note: Check with school district staff regarding secondary credit accrual options that exist for all students.

Earning Credits through Post-Secondary Institutions

The options a district offers to migratory students and other transfer students should provide opportunities to make up work and meet the level of attendance required under section §25.092. (See 90% Rule for Attendance/Course Credit).

Some of the following programs will incur a cost and may only be provided if no other options are available. Contact the district MEP or ESC MEP staff to determine whether MEP funds may be used to pay for these courses.

  • University of Texas at Austin Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program (MSGEP)
    Migratory students can take online courses, print-based courses, and earn credits by exam. Districts will receive a discounted rate for each course a student takes through the MSGEP.
  • University of Texas at Austin High School (UT High School)
    School districts work as partners with UTHS programs to personalize student learning services. Local district policy must be reviewed to determine whether coursework provided through UTHS is approved for graduation.
  • Texas Tech University (TTU K-12)
    Students can take online courses to earn course credits toward high school graduation. Students may earn credits while traveling or while enrolled in high school and/or through credit by exam.
  • Courses offered through Distance Learning Remote Sites in collaboration with universities and/or other neighboring school districts. Contact ESC MEP staff for availability of distance learning opportunities and connectivity information.

7 Texas Education Agency, TEA Letter to the Administrator-Attendance, Admission, Enrollment Records, and Tuition-August 2017. Attendance for Course Credit. (Austin, Texas: Texas Education Agency, 2017)