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Secondary Education

Many migratory secondary students (middle school and high school students) struggle with the lifestyle issues that prevent them from feeling comfortable in a school setting, as well as developing confidence in their skills and knowledge base to achieve academic success in school. As a result, by the time struggling migratory students reach secondary school, many feel discouraged and lose interest in school or worse, they consider dropping out of school altogether. It is imperative that all MEP staff help these students find a place of security and confidence by finding different and innovative options that can assist these students with the challenges they face. With the help of some mandates that have been established to support our migratory students as well as the creative programs designed by MEP staff in different districts, there are many options from which students may choose to complete coursework and accrue credits necessary for graduation. Many of these credit accrual options will be presented in this section. MEP staff should strongly encourage migratory secondary students to stay in school and attempt some of these different options when available, especially the students who enter late or withdraw early from school and those considering dropping out of school.