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Project SMART: Summer MEP Student Program

Project SMART is a summer math program designed to improve the math skills of highly mobile migratory students in Kindergarten to 8th grade:

  • The Project SMART curriculum is a research-based summer program containing six weeks of lessons.
  • The overarching goal of the program is to improve the math skills of migratory students through scientically based instruction, technology integration, professional development, and parent involvement.
  • An ESC MEP staff member is responsible for disseminating updates to Independent Project District coordinators each program year. ESC MEP staff receive the training of trainers offered in late spring then deliver the training to Independent Project District educators and administrators who will be implementing the program.
  • Districts may offer a Project SMART Program in a center and/or home-based setting.
  • Steps for the Enrollment Process
    • MEP staff contact all migratory students and their parents with information about the program.
    • Students who are required to attend regular summer school may also register for Project SMART for part of the day, if there is an understanding and collaboration between both program teachers.
    • Refer to the most recent NGS/MSIX Manual for guidance on the data to encode for this program.

SAMPLE Process for Contacting and Enrolling Students in Project SMART

SAMPLE MEP Center-based Summer Program Parent Contract

SAMPLE MEP Home-based Summer Program Parent Contract

Note: For information and training on how to implement a Project SMART Program in your district, contact the ESC MEP staff in your region.