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Technology and other resources
for educational support

MEP funds may be used for technology and other resources to support education at home, only if there is an identified and documented need and it supplements what the district provides.

Technological devices may be purchased and issued to migratory students for home use. The district’s acceptable use policy applies to these devices. Some examples of technological devices may include:

  • iPads or tablets may be purchased and issued to students and/or families for home use. Training on the use and care of the device must be conducted before issuing them to students and parents.

SAMPLE of MEP iPad Use Checklist

  • Laptops are also helpful tools to have at home but due to financial struggles, many families are not able to purchase them. Training students and parents on how to use and responsibly care for a district-issued laptop is advisable before providing them to students.
  • Other hand-held portable learning devices may provide tutorial assistance for students anywhere they live or travel (e.g., Study Buddy, Leapfrog).

SAMPLE Laptop Assignment Agreement