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Continuous Improvement Cycle

To effectively implement and operate a MEP, Independent Project Districts must complete the steps of the CIC each year MEP funds are used.
The required steps of the CIC for Independent Project Districts are

Since LEAs are required to carry out each of these steps, the ESC MEP staff is responsible for training all MEP staff and providing support to the districts throughout the year. In the CIC training, the ESC must include clear and concise explanation of how the LEAs:

  • Assess using the LNA toolkit, which includes obtaining and reviewing surveys from local MEP stakeholders, statewide assessment reports, early childhood assessments, OSY profiles and inventories.
  • Plan activities and resources to address identified needs on the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application.
  • Implement the SDP step-by step using the resources and most recent information provided by the TEA.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness through the Texas MEP Program Evaluation Process utilizing all tools and forms provided by the TEA. In this training ESCs must demonstrate how the LEAs examine the effectiveness of all MEP activities implemented, services offered, and resources used in the MEP through data collection and analysis.

For a more detailed explanation of the CIC from the Independent Project District’s perspective, refer to the Continuous Improvement Cycle.