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The SSA is required to conduct all four steps of the CIC, which include assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating. The CIC process is conducted with compiled data from all SSA Member Districts. However, this must be done so that each SSA Member District’s data can be extracted to determine local LEA migratory needs.

There are some special considerations when conducting the CIC for an SSA:

  • An LNAC is required to oversee and review all data during the LNA process and to make recommendations for service delivery to meet the identified needs. The LNAC should have representation from the SSA Member Districts to ensure that all stakeholders have understanding and can provide input.
  • The SSA Member Districts and the ESC must coordinate efforts to ensure that minimum requirements for migratory parent/secondary student surveys, MPOs, FSIs, application amendments, compliance responses, and updated MEP DIPs are all met.
  • For information on how to maintain required documentation of compliance for an SSA, refer to the Documentation of Compliance for an SSA under the Responsibilities of SSA Member Districts.
  • A designated contact at the SSA Member District level ensures that all the required data and feedback is gathered while the ESC compiles the information, ensuring it accurately reflects the SSA MEP.
  • The CIC process identifies supplemental MEP services that the SSA may provide, and the SSA partners then determine who will provide the designated services. The results of the CIC determine the SSA MEP SDP that the SSA implements to provide supplemental services to migratory students.

As this process is ongoing throughout the program year, it is important that both the SSA Member District and the ESC clearly understand their partnership and responsibilities to one another and the migrant population in each SSA Member District.

For detailed information regarding the four steps of the CIC, refer to the CIC section of the AIIMS portal under Independent Project Districts.

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