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MEP staff are required to identify and recruit eligible migratory OSY. Once an OSY has been identified, MEP staff should develop a plan to:

  • Identify the individual needs of each student by completing an OSY Profile.
  • Determine the services available in your district or region to meet those needs, communicate the services to the OSY, and assist the OSY in obtaining the services, as needed.
  • Schedule regular visits with each student to ensure progress towards graduation, TxCHSE completion, postsecondary education, military, and/or career.

MEP staff should maintain documentation of all contact, attempted contact, and support provided to OSY. Sample forms to document contact with OSY include:

LEAs may also want to host an OSY Community Fair. This event would allow OSY to connect with local job agencies, technical schools and other local organizations that provide services addressing the needs of this population.

Additional resources to support the needs of migratory OSY are available at the Graduation and Outcomes for Success for OSY (iSOSY) website.