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Eligibility Validation
(Re-interview) Process

"A core responsibility of the Texas MEP is to ensure that eligible migrant children are correctly identified and recruited so that MEP services will reach the population for whom these funds are allocated."10

This process occurs through a review of the COEs for a sample of children that are selected by the State for re-interview, also known as Eligibility Validation Process.

The ESC MEP staff are responsible for the Eligibility Validation Process. This step is conducted annually by trained ESC MEP staff and takes place from January through April.

Following are the basic steps for the ESC Eligibility Validation Process:

ESC MEP staff will receive training from the TEA in January to qualify as re-interviewers. The TEA will review the process for Eligibility Validation during training.

ESC MEP staff will submit the names of all the trained re-interviewers to the TEA.

The TEA will post a list of randomly selected students to be re-interviewed via the TX-NGS Database.

ESC MEP staff will access the list and notify the districts of students selected.

ESC MEP staff will solicit assistance from districts to set up interviews with parents of students selected.

ESC MEP staff will conduct re-interviews with the parents to ensure the accuracy of the information previously captured on the COE.

ESC MEP staff will submit re-interview documentation to the TEA MEP.

The TEA MEP will notify ESC MEP staff of any corrections or deletions that need to be made, and any further steps necessary to close out the eligibility validation process for individual COEs.

10 Texas Education Agency, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Texas Manual for the Identiÿcation and Recruitment of Migrant Children (Texas Education Agency, 2019), p. 5.17.