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The ESCs function as “service organizations created to support LEAs in attaining the missions, goals, and objectives set forth by the TEA.”1 They are responsible for providing many different kinds of services to LEAs, including training and technical support. The MEP funds received by ESCs “must be used to develop, maintain, and deliver services to improve student and school district performance.”2

As per the ESC ESSA Title I, Part C Migrant Basic Services Program Guidelines, the ESC must

  • Identify a Title I, Part C contact person
  • Attend scheduled TEA meetings and trainings
  • Deliver timely training and updates
  • Disseminate information
  • Carry out responsibilities related to OSY recruitment support
  • Submit quarterly ESC Performance Reports3

These basic services include providing ongoing training and dissemination of information regarding MEP topics and updates to aid in the development and implementation of an effective MEP, regardless of whether the LEA accepts their MEP funds.

This section provides information for ESCs supporting Non-Project Districts. Non-Project Districts are LEAs that do not receive or choose not to accept MEP funding from the state. Non-Project Districts must work with their regional ESC MEP staff to fulfill the requirements for ID&R and TX-NGS data entry. Responsibilities of ESCs in Supporting Independent Project Districts and SSA Member Project Districts will be addressed in separate sections. Providing services to Non-Project Districts does not absolve an ESC from performing all other duties under the ESC Basic MEP grant.

The ESCs conduct the following additional activities in collaboration specifically with Non-Project Districts:

  • Recruit migratory children as needed year-round
  • Recruit OSY
  • Serve students from Non-Project Districts4

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