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For the purposes of the MEP, the OME considers the term “out-of-school youth” (OSY) to mean children through age 21 who are entitled to a free public education in the state and who meet the definition of a “migratory child,” but who are not currently enrolled in a K-12 institution.

This term could include the following:

  • Students who have dropped out of school
  • Youth who are working on a HSED outside of a K-12 institution
  • Youth who are “here to work” only

Enrollment in school is not a condition affecting eligibility for the MEP. Therefore, OSY who meet the definition of a “migratory child” are eligible for the MEP and its services.10

At a minimum, the ESC OSY recruiters will be responsible for the following Non-Project District activities related to OSY:

  • Identifying and recruiting all OSY
  • Determining individual needs for instructional and support services
  • Identifying available resources and making referrals to address said needs (e.g., tutoring, High School Equivalency Certificate)
  • Coordinating with local workforce boards, community agencies, LEA resources and support for OSY dropout and recovery programs, and other entities to ensure that the OSY have access to appropriate services
  • Following up, monitoring, and documenting progress

In addition, the ESC will submit a final Regional OSY Evaluation Report to the TEA at the end of the reporting period as specified by the TEA. 11

Once an OSY's basic needs for survival are met, then the ESC can look to improve their future opportunities with education. For some, this may mean returning to high school, completing their credits, and graduating. Other OSY may consider an HSED as their route to future success. For either of these paths, the MEP can coordinate the return to education and help address barriers—language skills, transportation, childcare, access to school supplies—that may inhibit an OSY's return to the educational setting.

For more information on OSY, visit the Identifying and Serving OSY section under Responsibilities of Independent Project Districts.

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