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The ESC is responsible for encoding the COE and other school information in TX-NGS. The TX-NGS/MSIX data entry specialist has an important role in assisting migratory students and families by ensuring that all data is accurately entered into the statewide TX-NGS database as per the timelines and descriptions outlined in the updated Texas Data Management Requirements Manual for NGS & MSIX. 8

The ESC supports Non-Project Districts in these efforts in several ways:

  • Serves as the TX-NGS data specialist. Non-Project Districts do not conduct their own TX-NGS data entry. The ESC performs this activity.
  • Forwards all MSIX Move Notifications. The ESC receives all MSIX move notifications from the Help Desk and must notify the ESC recruiter of a potentially eligible child so the recruiter can conduct ID&R.
  • Maintains eligibility documentation. The ESC maintains the auditable copy of the COE and SDF. The ESC provides a copy of the COE/SDF to the Non-Project District and the identified migratory family.

8Texas Education Agency, Texas Data Management Requirements Manual for NGS & MSIX, 2019.