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Only the fiscal agent will have access to the PS3103. Once the LEA indicates they will "apply as a member of SSA" on the GS2200-Applicant Designation and Certification portion of the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application, the PS3103 will gray out for the LEA, and they will not be able to access any portion. Only the fiscal agent will be able to view and modify the PS3103 as a compilation of all member districts joining the SSA. However, both the LEA and the fiscal agent are responsible for ensuring all aspects of the application are implemented and documented based upon the responsibilities outlined in the contract of services.

Click here to access the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application-PS3103. The application process is the same for both Independent and SSA Project Districts.

NOTE: ESC MEP SSA staff are responsible for ensuring all SSA Member Districts have an updated migrant-specific section in each LEAs DIP.