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ESSA Federal Consolidated
Compliance Report

The TEA requires an ESSA Federal Consolidated Compliance Report to be submitted by each LEA implementing a MEP. The report requires documentation of evidence of compliance for all activities which were approved on the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application and subsequent amendments. During the Random Validation Process, the district will submit requested documentation. Since documentation may be maintained in a variety of formats, it is incumbent on ESCs to provide clear and concise training to appropriate Independent Project District staff members on how to complete the Compliance Report and, more importantly, how to maintain adequate documentation.

The TEA provides a plethora of documentation forms, checklists, and other tools to give Independent Project Districts guidance on compliance documentation. These resources can be used exactly as they are provided or may be modified to fit the needs of the local MEP. The TEA also offers Program Implementation Questions at year end to help districts understand the type of documentation needed.

It is important to stress in this training that documentation, which is a requirement, not a suggestion, should be maintained in a form that is easily accessible and available in an electronic or hardcopy format. Regardless of the format, the documentation reflects implementation of program requirements.

For more information regarding compliance documentation, refer to the Documentation of Compliance section under Independent Project Districts.