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Per the ESSA Consolidated Grant application instructions for section GS2200, the designated fiscal agent of an SSA is the applicant that completes and submits a composite grant application with input from and on behalf of all its members. The fiscal agent is responsible for the following:

  • Completing section GS2200 in a timely manner. This form typically is available for the ESC staff member designated as the ESC eGrant grantee official one week before it is available to LEAs. LEAs may then select their respective ESC as their fiscal agent.
  • Ensuring that funds are used in accordance with grant provisions.
  • Maintaining all SSA financial and personnel records required for the TEA, in accordance with FAR. The fiscal agent may be responsible for financial consequences concerning the following:
    • SSA instances of noncompliance
    • An SSA Member District's inability to repay the portion of misappropriated funds in question
  • Creating an SSA member district agreement that defines the composite entity and describes responsibilities of its fiscal agent and each SSA Member District. At a minimum, this agreement contains the following information:
  • Description of legal requirements
  • Organization of the SSA
  • Ownership of assets
  • Policies and procedures addressing disposition of assets if the SSA is terminated by any or all members
  • Liabilities, including legal fees because of complaint, grievance, litigation, refund from onsite monitoring, or audit
  • Basis for allocation of costs
  • Uncontrollable costs that affect the fiscal agent
  • Description of responsibilities of the designated fiscal agent
  • Services to be provided to SSA Member Districts
  • Employment of personnel
  • Budgets and accounts
  • Reports
  • Private nonprofits schools
  • Description of responsibilities of each SSA Member District
  • Employment of personnel
  • Budgets and accounts
  • Reports
  • Private nonprofits schools

The written agreement must be maintained on file by the fiscal agent for auditing and monitoring purposes.2

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