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The Texas Manual for the Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children clearly states the requirement for all SSA Member Districts to create and implement an ID&R Action Plan. According to the ID&R Manual, “for ID&R to be effective, it must be ongoing throughout the entire year, not just the school year, and balanced, which means that a variety of resources including the school district, local community, and local employers must be included in the efforts to identify and recruit all migrant children and their families who reside within the school district’s boundaries. The information that is gathered is then compiled into the district’s ID&R Action Plan, which outlines all facets of identification and recruitment.”3 It is the responsibility of the ESC serving as the fiscal agent to collaborate with the SSA Member Districts to create and implement a plan for active identification and recruitment within the SSA Member Districts’ boundaries.

  1. If the ESC creates the ID&R Action Plan for the entire SSA, the ESC must send the ID&R Action Plan to SSA Member Districts to include in the migrant-specific section of the DIP.
  2. If each SSA Member District creates the ID&R Action Plan, a copy must be sent to the ESC.

See ID&R Action Plan Template in the Texas Manual for the Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children.

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