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ID&R Quality Control

There are several ID&R quality control processes established by the TEA through which the state ensures that migratory children are correctly identified and recruited into the MEP, so that MEP services will reach the population for whom these funds are allocated.5

The ID&R quality control processes are shown in the image below. These processes ensure consistent identification of eligible migratory children across the state.

 Click on each image for information about the process and the role of ESC MEP staff.

ID&R of Migratory Children
Providing annual training for recruiters

Designated SEA Reviewers/ ECOE Approvers
Providing annual training for reviewers and approvers

COE Review
Reviewing random COEs for accuracy and completeness

Eligibility Validation (Re-interview) Process
Assisting in the re-interview process

Intraregional Networking
Identifying agencies that can best support migratory children and families and sharing agency information with LEA MEP staff

5 Texas Education Agency, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Texas Manual for the identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children (Texas Education Agency, 2019), p. 5.17.