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How can the MEP assist OSY who do not want to go
back to school or who are here-to-work only?

Some OSY are conflicted about continuing their education. Many do not want to return to school for various reasons and feel restrained by their daily life and basic survival needs. These OSY are primarily focused on the work before them since many find themselves as the primary provider for themselves or their families. Even though there may be barriers to OSY who are here-to-work attaining a formal education, they do desire the opportunities and resources to more actively engage in the community and improve their futures.

The MEP must identify and provide services for OSY just as they do for any other migratory child. Once the needs of the OSY are identified then the MEP can coordinate or provide supplemental services to meet the identified needs. Some of the potential services could be:

  • Coordinate with other entities for basic needs.


  • food banks
  • WIC
  • SNAP food benefits
  • weekend food services


  • closets through faith-based ministries
  • second-hand stores when culling inventory
  • clothing donations
  • MET provides long-sleeve work shirts


  • 211
  • Salvation army-provides emergency shelter, furniture or household items that may be needed


  • free clinics, education on hydration, sunscreen, heat stroke
  • resources for prenatal care, immunizations, dental and vision screenings
  • migrant health centers


  • Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center
  • Motivation, Education, & Training, Inc. (MET, Inc.)
  • Provide transportation or coordinate transportation services to access basic needs resources.
  • Provide access to learn English for everyday life. iSOSY offers OSY Interactive ELL Lessons specifically for this purpose.
  • Provide information on job opportunities available in the community.
  • Provide a supportive relationship so the OSY feels comfortable to reach out to MEP for resources.
  • Advocate to ensure the OSY’s needs are met and that resources are attained.