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Ensure a process is in place to quickly determine whether
a family new to the district might qualify for the MEP

When a new family moves into a school district, it is imperative that a process is in place to quickly determine whether children in the family may be eligible for MEP support. Timely identification of migratory children will help ensure there is no interruption of support and/or instructional services to students and/or parents. The identification process should be clearly communicated to all district/campus staff (registrars, parent liaisons, counselors, admission staff, etc.) who may come into contact with new students and/or parents, and ideally should exist in writing so that all staff can easily access it and refer to it as needed.

All migratory students in grades 8 and above should meet with their campus counselor soon after enrolling. Refer to the following section:

What role do counselors have in assisting migratory secondary students?