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What migrant-funded resources are available to encourage migratory parent engagement?

Grade Band Resources

  • K-12 Education Resources for Parents of Migratory Children has been created to provide parents and families access to educational resources that will support the unmet educational needs of their migratory children in grades K-12, including OSY. Parents currently have access to the materials listed below, with additional resources being developed in phases over the next few years.
  • K-2 Mini-lessons, Tip Sheets with accompanying Video Vignettes, and apps to support the early literacy needs of migratory children in these grades.
  • 3-5 Mini-lessons, Tip Sheets with accompanying Video Vignettes, and apps to support the literacy needs of migratory children in these grades.

The goal is for this site to become a valuable resource that supports parents in preparing their child for a lifetime love of reading and writing. The mini-lessons, tip-sheets with accompanying video vignettes, and a mobile app offer engaging activities to help parents raise strong readers and writers. These resources are filled with easy tips on what parents can do at home, fun activities and games, even suggestions for choosing books that are the best fit for their child. If families would like assistance in printing out or acquiring any of the materials referenced within the mini-lessons or tip sheets they should contact their local Migrant Recruiter.

A Bright Beginning (ABB)
Early Childhood Program

This program is specifically for migratory children ages 3-5 not enrolled in Pre-K or Kindergarten, residing in a Independent Project District , and provides age-appropriate early literacy lessons.

A trained ABB educator offers a one-hour weekly lesson to a migratory child either individually in the home (Home-based Program) or in a group setting at a center designated by the district (Center-based Program). Lessons may be offered during the summer months as well as during the school year.

The ABB program also offers unique opportunities for parent and family engagement outside of the regular migrant parent meetings.

Monthly ABB Parent meetings (submitted by Hereford ISD)

These ABB parent meetings allow migratory parents to build relationships with other parents, experience meetings in a non-threatening environment, and participate in additional parent and child learning opportunities above and beyond the ABB activities. Meetings are held at the school which is beneficial as both the parents and P3/P4 child connect fun in learning with the school.

ABB Parent Calendar (submitted by Hereford ISD)

An ABB calendar provides a method to communicate with ABB parents and the school by ensuring that ABB parents are aware of both ABB activities and school events. A monthly calendar is created and delivered to each individual ABB family.