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The SSA Member District is required to have a migrant PAC involved in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the SSA MEP. The members and attendees should include stakeholders representing a compilation of all SSA Member Districts. The majority of members should be migratory parents.


  1. Should be conducted in a language(s) understood by all attendees.
  2. Must be held throughout the year, virtually or face-to-face, at a time and location that is convenient for migratory parents. Either of the following methods is acceptable:
    • SSAs may hold migrant PAC meetings at a central location, such as the regional ESC, that is accessible to all SSA Member Districts on a single date.
    • SSAs may conduct cluster migrant PAC meetings in multiple locations in various SSA Member Districts on several dates.

What is important is that the migrant PAC should represent all SSA Member Districts, and SSA migratory parents are afforded the opportunity to engage. SSAs should work collaboratively to notify migratory parents and assist in engaging their participation.
For more information on the operation of a migrant PAC, visit the Parent and Family Engagement section of the AIIMS portal and click on the icon titled What is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?

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