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New MEP Director/Coordinator

ESC MEP staff may provide training and support to new administrators overseeing or implementing a MEP in their LEA. This training will help program administrators with the most recent guidelines and procedures for the identification and recruitment of migrant students established by the TEA.

As there are multiple topics for successful MEP implementation, this training is only meant to be an overview of each. It is not meant to replace any of the required full trainings in which Independent Project District MEP staff must participate. However, this training lays out a beginning foundation for a new MEP director to build upon with subsequent in-depth trainings.

Topics covered could include:

  • Migrant child eligibility
  • Migrant recruiter responsibilities
  • Administrator responsibilities
  • ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application
  • LNA
  • SDP
  • PFS Action Plan
  • ID&R Action Plan
  • Allowable use of MEP funds
  • Compliance reporting
  • MEP evaluation
  • How to effectively coordinate use of Title I, Part A and C Funds to serve migrant students