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TX-NGS/MSIX Quality Control

The Texas MEP has developed an TX-NGS Quality Control process for ensuring that information is accurately captured on all COEs and entered into the TX-NGS system. This process is outlined in the Texas Data Management Requirements Manual for TX-NGS and MSIX, or TX-NGS/MSIX Manual.

The ESC supports Independent Project Districts in these efforts in several ways.

Serve as the TX-NGS data specialist. Independent Project Districts must conduct their own TX-NGS data entry. However, smaller Independent Project Districts may contract with an ESC for this activity.

Deliver TX-NGS/MSIX training. TX-NGS data entry specialists cannot perform duties or receive a password without a six-hour training offered by the ESC. Data entry specialists must receive this training annually to ensure all migrant student data is entered and maintained properly and in a timely manner according to the updated TX-NGS/MSIX Manual. It is highly suggested that Independent Project District MEP Directors also attend this training since they must review the TX-NGS data encoded by the TX-NGS Specialist.

Send reminder emails to LEA TX-NGS data specialists regarding upcoming monthly deadlines for data entry.

Ensure LEA TX-NGS data entry specialists run required reports and check for accuracy. LEA TX-NGS data specialists must generate, print and distribute all reports to the designated MEP staff as per guidance from their MEP coordinator and/or director. ESC MEP staff must ensure the reports have been run by every Independent Project District as required in the TX-NGS/MSIX Manual.

Ensure the data entered into TX-NGS by LEA TX-NGS data entry specialist is accurate and appropriately supported by documentation. ESC staff should refer to the Required School District/ESC Activities Chart in the TX-NGS/MSIX Manual for data entry timelines to determine which data to review in the current month.

Provide technical support. The ESC TX-NGS Specialist provides technical support throughout the year to Independent Project District staff.

Attend TETNs or webinars offered by the TX-NGS Help Desk. The updates shared in these sessions need to be provided to District Data entry specialists in separate trainings, i.e., New MSIX Users’ training, Cybersecurity and Privacy Awareness for MSIX Users.

Forward all MSIX Move notifications. The ESC receives all MSIX move notifications from the Help Desk and must notify the appropriate Independent Project District of a potential eligible child so the district can conduct ID&R.

Coordinate with the TX-NGS Helpdesk for MSIX record reconciliation. Occasionally, a student may have more than one record in the MSIX system. It is imperative that when an MEP staff member notices this discrepancy, the staff member reaches out to the TX-NGS Helpdesk to coordinate a record reconciliation. The TX-NGS Helpdesk staff will work with MSIX staff to consolidate the two separate student records into one.

Conduct the Annual TX-NGS Data Specialist Quality Control Visit. The ESC TX-NGS Data Specialist must schedule an annual visit with every TX-NGS Data Specialist in each Independent Project District as directed in the TX-NGS/MSIX Manual. The purpose of this visit is to determine whether TX-NGS/MSIX activities have been implemented in a manner that ensures the validity and accuracy of the data encoded in TX-NGS.13

13 Texas Education Agency, Texas Data Management Requirements Manual for TX-NGS & MSIX (Texas Education Agency, 2019), p. 93