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OSY – Identification & Recruitment, Needs Assessment, Services Offered, and Support

For the purposes of the MEP, the OME considers the term “out-of-school youth” to mean children through age 21 who are entitled to a free public education in the state and who meet the definition of a “migratory child,” but who are not currently enrolled in a K-12 institution. This term could include:

  • Students who have dropped out of school
  • Youth who are working on a high school equivalency diploma (HSED) outside of a K-12 institution
  • Youth who are “here-to-work” only

Enrollment in school is not a condition affecting eligibility for the MEP. Therefore, OSY who meet the definition of a “migratory child” are eligible for the MEP and its services.21

For more information on the OSY from the Independent Project District staff perspective, refer to the Identifying and Serving OSY section.

ESCs should provide training to ensure Independent Project Districts: 

  • Understand the definition of OSY and how they qualify for the MEP
  • Know where and how to identify OSY since they will not be able to rely on usual school recruitment efforts
  • Identify the needs of OSY and include services to address those needs
  • Coordinate resources and make referrals for OSY
  • Provide options for re-engaging OSY into school

In addition to training and providing technical assistance regarding OSY to Independent Project Districts, the ESC must:

  • Designate a staff member who will be dedicated to region-wide recruitment of OSY who have not been recruited by an LEA
  • Ensure individual needs for instructional support services have been identified
  • Identify available resources and make referrals to address said needs
  • Coordinate with local agencies, LEA resources, and workforce boards to ensure that OSY have access to appropriate services
  • Follow up, monitor, and document progress of Independent Project Districts towards identifying and serving OSY
  • Submit a regional OSY evaluation report to the TEA at the end of the grant period22

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