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Hosting a Parent Engagement Session:
Transferring To or From a School District

Each district will need to determine the number of parent information sessions to offer on the topic of Transferring to or From a School District. Districts that frequently have migratory families moving in or out during the school year may want to offer this session monthly. Districts that have families moving in or out only during the summer months may choose to offer the session in late spring each year.

A successful parent information session...

  • Is well-advertised and communicated in a language understood by the parents
  • Provides information that is important to parents
  • Makes parents feel welcome and valued

Click here for a PDF version of these steps.

Plan the content

MEP staff may choose to develop and deliver the content on this topic, or they may choose to contact the Texas Migrant Interstate Program to lead this session.

  • Determine the content that will be included in the session.
    Click on a sample agenda you wish to view:
  • Develop the session materials in English, Spanish, and/or other languages to meet the needs of the intended audience.
  • Determine whether to deliver the session in English, Spanish, or another language, and how to support the needs of parents who do not speak that language. Consider whether an interpreter will be needed at the event. If an interpreter will be used, send PowerPoint content and/or printed materials to the interpreter prior to the session.
  • Select a location for the event that is easily accessible by parents and in which they feel comfortable. Consider options other than school district facilities, such as local community centers, public libraries, and other common meeting spaces.
  • Determine the meeting time, ensuring it is a convenient time for parents. Consider offering multiple opportunities at different times, based on parent availability.
  • Develop the parent evaluation of this event. Click to view the Sample Parent Information Session Evaluation Form.

Determine how the content will be delivered

While a face-to-face session is usually preferred by parents and staff, technology allows us to deliver content in ways that may work better for some of our tech-savvy parents. Below are other options to consider for communicating important information to your parents.

  • Schedule a virtual meeting in lieu of a face-to-face meeting.
  • Record the face-to-face meeting and send a link out to the parents who could not attend the meeting.
  • Create a video/audio recording of a staff member delivering the content and send the video link to all parents, in lieu of a face-to-face meeting.

Advertise the Event

Use the Sample Parent Flyer to help advertise your event. Make sure to advertise the event several times: At least two weeks before the event, one week before the event, the day before the event, and the day of the event.

  • Ensure all print, text, or email invitations are written in parent-friendly language.
  • Determine the language(s) spoken and understood by migratory parents in the district, and ensure all communication is developed in the necessary language(s).
  • Send the flyer or invitation you create via email or text message directly to parents, and/or send home hard copies of the flyer.
  • Post the flyer on your school/district website, Facebook, or any other social media avenue available and accessible to parents.
  • Ensure all MEP staff (especially recruiters, tutors and counselors who work with migratory students – staff members in direct contact with students and parents) have the event information, to help promote the event.
  • Send an automated phone message the day of the event, as one final reminder.

During the Event

  • Ensure all participants sign in upon approval. Click here for a Sample Parent Information Session Sign-In Sheet.
  • Create a welcoming environment. Greet participants as they walk in, acquaint them with the logistics of the meeting space, and introduce all staff members in attendance.
  • Ensure participant language needs are met. If an interpreter is provided, ensure parents have the necessary translation equipment.
    • Monitor to ensure the interpretation provided meets the needs of your participants.
  • Ensure participants are having a positive experience. Check for understanding throughout the session and adjust the delivery of the content, if needed.
  • Have participants complete an evaluation form before leaving the event.

After the Event

Follow-up with any questions parents needed answered, and/or information the parents requested to help develop a trusting and supportive rapport with the parents.File the event documentation:

  • Flyer, email, or other notification of the event
  • PowerPoint, Agenda, and any handouts provided
  • Sign-in Sheets
  • Evaluations