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As stated in the ESSA – 1304(d) Priority for Services statute, when providing services with MEP funds, LEAs must give priority to migratory children who have made a qualifying move within the previous one-year period and who (1) are failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet the challenging state academic standards; or (2) have dropped out of school.The PFS Action Plan articulates the criteria for addressing the plan for PFS students’ success and must be incorporated into a separate migrant-specific section of the DIP. It is the responsibility of the ESC serving as the fiscal agent to collaborate with the SSA Member Districts to create and implement a plan for serving PFS students within the SSA Member Districts’ boundaries.

  1. If the ESC creates the PFS Action Plan for the entire SSA, the ESC must send the PFS Action Plan to SSA Member Districts to include in the migrant-specific section of the DIP.
  2. If each SSA Member District creates the PFS Action Plan, a copy must be sent to the ESC.

Contact the TEA for the current version of the PFS Action Plan Template.

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