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Private Nonprofit Collaboration

When relating to the Title I, Part C Migrant Program, the ESSA Program-Specific and ESSA Provisions and Assurances stipulate that, “An LEA receiving assistance under Title I, Part C, must provide eligible private nonprofit school children and their teachers or other educational personnel, with equitable services or other benefits under this program. Before an LEA makes any decision that affects the opportunity of eligible private nonprofit school children, teachers, or other educational personnel to participate, the LEA must engage in timely and meaningful consultation with private school officials and maintain written documentation of such efforts.”23 ESCs should offer training for Independent Project District staff regarding the meaningful consultation that must occur with private nonprofit staff prior to the Independent Project District’s submission of their application.

This training can be done in collaboration with other programs under the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application such as Title I, Part A; Title I, Part D; Title III, Part A; Title IV, Part A, since all programs require documentation of efforts to include private nonprofit schools within their district boundaries in their decision making on federal funds. Contact the lead ESC Federal Programs staff member for information on this collaborative training/meeting.

23 Texas Education Agency, “Program-Specic and ESSA Provisions and Assurances 2020-2021 ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application, authorized by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as Amended by ESSA.” (Texas Education Agency, Austin, Texas: Texas Education Agency, 2020),