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Program Guidelines and
Program Specific
Provisions & Assurances

The TEA provides two documents, the Program Guidelines and Program-Specific Provisions & Assurances, to assist LEAs in operating a MEP . These documents work together to explain the expectations for MEP funding, how it should be used, and who should benefit. These resources should be referenced throughout the year to ensure the program is providing all required services and to determine whether expenditures are appropriate. These documents are located in the Application and Support Information section of the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application at the TEA Grant Opportunities web page.

During the grant application process, the applicant certifies and accepts that they have read both documents and understand the expectations. A grant application cannot be finalized until these documents are accepted.

ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application –
Program Guidelines

The Program Guidelines detail the grantor’s (TEA's ) expectations of the grantee (LEA). This document provides the expected services to be delivered, the intended recipients, and expectations for program implementation at the LEA level. The program outcomes are also listed so that the staff understand the expected results. Once this document is reviewed, the grantee begins to understand how to frame the program within the specific guidelines.

ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application –
Program-Specific Provisions & Assurances

The Program-Specific Provisions & Assurances document the LEA's acknowledgement of what services the TEA expects of them. The document outlines exactly what the grantee will be doing with the funds in order to provide services to the intended recipients. After reviewing this document, the grantee should understand exactly what they are expected to do.