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A regional contract between the SSA Member District and the ESC outlines which entity is responsible for each of the various programmatic and fiscal duties. There are three options for the organization of a migrant SSA, as shown in the image below.

Option 1: The ESC provides all services and migrant-funded staff, and implements all program requirements.

Option 2: The SSA Member Districts fully implement the MEP themselves, with the ESC reimbursing each SSA Member District for all expenditures through a process known as flow-through.

Option 3: The ESC and the SSA Member Districts share the responsibilities (i.e., services, staff, and activities) necessary to operate the MEP.

Regardless of which option is selected, the SSA Member District must identify a district migrant contact who will communicate with and respond to the designated ESC migrant contact.

The regional contract should address who is responsible for all application, compliance, and programmatic portions of the MEP. The regional contract is signed by representatives from both the SSA Member District and the ESC.

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