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Required Annual

Project Districts must also ensure that all MEP -funded staff members receive required annual training, which is offered by the regional ESC, in order to effectively meet all requirements of an MEP .

Required trainings include

  • ID&R Training
    • Recruiters must receive this training annually before they are allowed to identify and recruit any new families in the new academic year or contact existing migrant families to determine whether a new qualifying move has occurred, at which time a new COE is completed.
    • The most recent Texas Manual for the Identification and Recruitment of Migrant Children is used and distributed at this training.
  • NGS Training, including MSIX Training
    • Data entry specialists must receive this training annually to ensure all migrant student data is entered and maintained properly according to the updated Texas Data Management Requirements Manual for NGS/MSIX.
  • Needs Assessment
    • The LNA Process is thoroughly explained to MEP administrators and staff, including any changes required by the TEA.
    • All necessary LNA forms are also presented in this training.
  • Service Delivery Plan
    • SDP step-by-step explanations and forms are presented to MEP staff in this training using the most recent information provided by the TEA.
  • Program Evaluation
    • The Texas MEP Program Evaluation Process is clearly explained to MEP staff in this training using the most recent tools and forms provided by the TEA.

In addition to participating in required annual training, MEP district staff is also encouraged to seek out other opportunities for professional growth. District staff should consult with MEP coordinators to identify applicable training opportunities offered through the following entities:

  • ESC MEP staff, via email, face-to-face sessions, and virtual or recorded sessions. Visit the ESC website or contact the ESC MEP staff for a list of training sessions offered.
  • TEA, via scheduled virtual training sessions. ESC MEP staff will notify LEAs of upcoming TEA events.
  • Regional, state, and national conferences, such as NASDMEAMET, and TMIP Secondary Credit Accrual Workshop.