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What resources are available to assist LEAs and ESCs?

Texas LEAs and ESCs have three resources to help facilitate inter- and intrastate coordination.


The OME created MSIX, a web-based portal that links states’ migratory student record databases to facilitate the national exchange of "migratory" students’ educational information among the states. The primary purpose of MSIX is to ensure greater continuity of educational services by making information on migratory children available to authorized school personnel.

Utilizing MSIX improves the timeliness of school enrollments, improves the appropriateness of grade and course placements, and reduces incidences of duplicated immunizations of migratory children. MSIX also facilitates the accrual of course credits for migratory children in secondary school by providing accurate academic information on each student’s course history and academic progress. In addition, MSIX provides a platform for states to notify each other when a migratory child is moving to a different State.

For more information on how MSIX may assist with inter- and intrastate coordination, visit the FAQ document located within the MSIX website. After logging in, click on Help, then FAQs.

To obtain access to MSIX and training on how to navigate the site, contact the MEP staff at the ESC in your region.


The purpose of the TMIP is to facilitate intra- and interstate coordination in order to help meet the educational needs of migratory students from Texas who migrate out of state.

The TMIP is a special project of the Texas Education Agency, Department of Contracts, Grants and Financial Administration. The TMIP facilitates intra- and interstate coordination of information, resources and services for migratory students, with an emphasis on serving students identified by the Texas MEP as PFS.

MEP staff may contact the TMIP staff for assistance with the following:

  • Administration and coordination of state assessments while in a receiving state
  • Access to free online tutorials and study guides to prepare for the state assessment
  • Coordination with receiving states to assist students with credit accrual and credit consolidation
  • Coordination and collaboration with receiving states to transfer credits earned while migrating

For more information on the services available through TMIP, visit the TMIP website .


To access a list of MEP directors and their contact information for all states in the United States, visit NASDME .