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Timeline of activities that Project Districts must follow

The MEP timeline of activities begins when funding becomes available and continues through the validation process the year after the implementation year.

Click on the fillable version of the MEP Timeline of Activities to create a customized timeline for your district.

Timeline of Activities for One Grant Fiscal Year: Project District

Although grant funds may only be used/spent during the fiscal year for which they were awarded, the work to plan for and meet all the requirements of the grant spans over three fiscal years.

Timeline for Grant Received in FY 2

LNA Complete LNA for FY2 school yearESSA Grant Application Apply for ESSA grant; receive notification of grant awardPFS Progress Review Form Complete and submit to ESC at least twice per year.PFS Progress Review Form Complete and submit to ESC at least twice per year.Year-end withdrawals from TX-NGSCompliance Report due to TEA
Attend A Bright Beginning training if indicated on applicationResidency VerificationConduct Eligibility Validation as directed by ESCsSummer Contact Information Provide your ESC contact information for district MEP staff during summer months
ID&R and PFS Action Plan Develop/update migrant-specfic section of DIP. (Required: PFS Action Recommended: ID&R Action Plan )Organize PAC Mention multiple meetings throughout yearAttend Project SMART Training if indicated on applicationProgram Evaluation
SDP Determine Migrant Service Delivery Plan; add to Migrant-specic section of DIPAttend State Migrant Conference if identified as a needNotify parents of Project SMART if district is providing this summer service for migrant students.Project SMART Summer Enrollments and Withdrawals on TX-NGS
First Contact Contact currently eligible families to determine if a new move has occurredRandom Validation TEA will randomly select districts once a year and request documentation to support implementation of current year required activities.Attend National Conference if identified as a need
Annual Training for ID&R and TX-NGS Ensure all designated staff receive training for the current year from ESCCoordinate State Assessment Support with TMIP for those students traveling outside of Texas
Random Validation TEA will randomly select districts once a year and request documentation to support implementation of current year required activities.
TX-NGS Quality Control ESC Conducts Quality Control Checklist/Review with TX-NGS Data Specialist

Monthly Activities:

  • Ensure coding of migratory students in PEIMS is correct
  • Run PFS report and submit to ESC
  • Run Migrant P2s turning P3 report for Residency Verification
  • Enroll children with new COEs into TX-NGS
  • Identify and recruit eligible migratory children
  • Provide updated list of migratory students with newly identified students to cafeteria manager
  • Conduct PAC meetings (as scheduled)
  • Complete activities listed on SDP and maintain documentation
  • Early withdrawals of Migrant children—Send MSIX Move notification

Two sample documents have been provided to assist with planning and ensuring all activities are completed during the program year: