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SSA MEP staff must attend required annual training. The SSA participants required to attend each training will vary as some may be SSA Member District staff and others will be ESC staff, depending upon the responsibilities outlined in the SSA regional contract.

Visit the Required Annual Training section under Independent Project Districts for more information. They are the same for both Independent and SSA Member District staff.

Additionally, ESCs should consider providing training opportunities throughout the program year to SSA Member Districts to cover the following:

  • Responsibilities of the ESC and the SSA Member Districts within the SSA
  • Processes and procedures of the SSA
  • Creating the SSA MEP DIP--collaborating in the creation of the PFS Action Plan, ID&R Action Plan, and Service Delivery Plan
  • Implementing the LNA--What responsibilities do the SSA Member Districts have?
  • Conducting the Program Evaluation

These sessions build the capacity of all SSA stakeholders and ensure a cohesive partnership between the SSA Member Districts and the ESCs as they support migratory students within the SSA.