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Transfer Packets

What is a transfer packet?

A transfer packet is a folder or envelope of confidential student information that MEP staff should provide to the parents of migratory children when the family is moving to another school district. The purpose of this information is to make it easier for the receiving school district to enroll and place the student(s) in the appropriate educational setting as quickly as possible. Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained in a transfer packet, MEP staff should ensure the documents are labeled “confidential.”

What kind of information should be included in the transfer packet?

The information included in the transfer packet may be downloaded from NGS or MSIX.

MSIX: Login to MSIX and print the Consolidated Student Report (CSR).

NGS: Refer to the NGS Manual for directions on how to print the Student Transfer Document.
Districts may also want to include the following information.

  • MEP contact information for the school district the family is moving to. Include the name of the district, phone number, and physical address. In addition, include the name, phone number, and/or email address of a MEP staff member in the receiving district, if available. Access a list of MEP directors and contact information from all States in the United States by visiting the NASDME webpage .
  • A copy of the student’s proposed course schedule for the current/upcoming semester and high school graduation plan.
  • Contact information for the ID&R Hotline for Texas Families within and out of Texas.
    Email: Phone: 1-888-984-6251
  • Information regarding support services available for migratory children and families in the receiving district such as WIC programs, health clinics, food banks, shelters, etc.
  • Refer to the Migrant Service Coordination section for information on other services available to migratory children and families.

Who is responsible for creating the transfer packet and delivering it to the parents?

MEP staff should determine the process that will work best for their program to ensure these documents are provided to all parents of migratory children as soon as they notify the district of an upcoming move. These documents may be provided to parents by any MEP staff member who has access to the transfer packet documentation.