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Data entry into the statewide migratory student database, TX-NGS, is required within the SSA. Most often, this is completed at the ESC level for the SSA, but it is necessary for the SSA Member District to provide all requested data and any supporting documentation to the ESC to ensure accurate data is entered by each deadline. SSA Member Districts should provide a contact at the local level who has access to or can coordinate data collection needed for the MEP throughout the year. Required migratory student data from the SSA Member Districts may include information regarding enrollments/withdrawals, grades/credits, immunizations, graduation, state assessment scores, LEP, etc.

The ESC supports SSA Member Districts TX-NGS/MSIX efforts in the following ways:

  • Serve as the TX-NGS data specialist.
  • Send reminder emails to the designated contact at the SSA Member District regarding upcoming deadlines for data submission to the TX-NGS data specialist.
  • Ensure the data entered in TX-NGS is accurate and appropriately supported by documentation. ESC SSA TX-NGS data specialists should refer to the TX-NGS Manual Required School District/ESC Activities Chart for data entry timelines to determine which data to enter in the current month.
  • Send and receive all MSIX Move Notifications. The ESC SSA TX-NGS data specialist receives all MSIX move notifications from the Help Desk and coordinates with the recruiter of the appropriate SSA Member District about a potentially eligible child so ID&R can be conducted.

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