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Frequently used terms

Parent(s): the person legally caring for a migratory student; could be a guardian
Child/children: youth aged 0-21 who have not graduated from high school or earned a HSE certificate
Student: youth enrolled in a public school in Texas
If you see this icon,   it means that the service or resource described is provided by the MEP and only available to migratory students.

vocational school can be thought of as a general term for either trade or technical schools. The words “trade” and “technical” may be used interchangeably depending on the school. Vocational school programs will prepare students to enter directly into their work field after receiving a certification or vocational degree within just a year or two. There are many different types of vocational degrees and certifications, including aviation mechanic, welder, wind-power technician, HVAC technician, auto mechanic, electrician, carpenter, and medical assistant.1

Most vocational schools do not require an SAT or ACT score. However, most vocational schools do require placement tests. If a student scores high enough on an SAT or ACT test, they may not be required to take the placement tests.

For information on vocational schools in Texas, visit 2023 Best Trade Schools in Texas (English only).

1 “The Difference Between Trade Schools, Vocational Schools, and Tech Schools,”Center for Employment Training, accessed January 21, 2022,