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Welcome Packet for Migratory Families

What is a welcome packet?

As migratory families move into a school district, one way to help welcome them is to have a packet of helpful information about the school district and the MEP ready to distribute.

What kind of information could be included in the welcome packet?

Information included in a welcome packet will vary from district to district, depending on the types of programs and services available. Ensure that all information in the packet is in a language your parents understand.

Welcome packets could include:

  • Information on the programs offered and organizations available at the various campuses the children will be attending, such as afterschool tutoring or afterschool childcare; extracurricular activities music and/or band, sports, and student council
  • A copy of the student’s proposed course schedule for the current/upcoming semester and high school graduation plan, if applicable
  • The Migrant Middle School Letter, a tool which can be used to provide migratory parents with tips on how to collaborate with school staff and how to access resources they may need, including names and contact information for key school and district personnel. It is recommended that the letter be printed on school district letterhead. This letter is also located in the ID&R Manual
  • Contact information and/or flyers for local health clinics, immunization services, food banks, adult ESL services, and other resources available in the area
  • Information about elementary, middle, and high school clubs as well as clubs or programs specifically created for migratory students. If available, include information about student ambassador programs to welcome new students

Who is responsible for creating the welcome packet and delivering it to the parents?

MEP staff should work closely with the district staff and community support services to ensure the information provided in the welcome packet is kept current. MEP staff should determine the process that will work best for their program to ensure these documents are provided to all parents of migratory children as soon as possible. These documents may be provided to parents by any MEP staff member who has access to the welcome packet.