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What is the role of TX-NGS/MSIX data specialist in migrant service coordination?

The TX-NGS/MSIX data entry specialist also has an important role in assisting migratory students and families by ensuring that all data is accurately entered into the statewide TX-NGS database in a timely manner. MEP staff across the United States are dependent on the accuracy of the TX-NGS data in order to either offer needed services not yet provided or to continue services already initiated for migratory students and families.

Following are some suggested data entry services which may help migratory students:

  • Ensure the following activities are addressed accurately as per the timelines and descriptions outlined in the TX-NGS/MSIX Manual:
    • Encode all supplemental academic and support services received by migratory students and parents for each individual migratory student.
    • For any child age 3-5 not enrolled in A Bright Beginning, Pre-kindergarten, or Kindergarten but who is enrolled in any other early childhood program, write the name of the program in which they are enrolled in the comments section of the student’s record.
    • Note any services or programs each OSY student is enrolled in, such as a High School Equivalency Program, in the comments section of each student’s record.