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This page contains timely announcements and updates from your TEA team and featured files that you may find helpful. Whenever possible, links to pertinent files or additional information are included.

Events & Deadlines

Taking the Next Step with the AIIMS Portal Webinars on April 2, 2024!

The AIIMS Portal is a comprehensive guidebook that provides suggested operating procedures for almost all aspects of working with the Migrant Education Program in Texas. Join us to learn more about this amazing FREE resource!!

MEP Staff who work within Independent Project Districts: Register HERE!

MEP Staff who work within SSA Member Districts: Register HERE!

ID&R Certification (1.8.24)

All staff conducting ID&R activities must complete the online ID&R course by Feb. 2, 2024.

Best Practices Virtual Showcase (1.8.24)

The next showcase will be Feb. 7. The topic will be: Proper Implementation of a PFS Plan.

Registration link is available now!

MEP CNA Process  (10.17.23)

Submit LNA Survey Tally Sheets via FPC WorkApp by Nov.3, 2023

22-23 State Assessment Upload(10.17.23)

Completed in TX-NGS.

Submitting FSIs (10.17.23)

If LEAs have not submitted FSI responses via Qualtrics, must be submitted by Nov. 15, 2023

Featured Files

If you missed these live webinars, you can share and view them here!
Learn all about this comprehensive digital guidebook that provides suggested operating procedures and supports for working with the Migrant Education Program in Texas!


Updated Contact Info

Hotline: 1-833-454-6711

The TMIP is on the move! The TMIP is committed to assisting stakeholders with the academic coordination of Texas intra/interstate migratory students to maximize their on-time graduation potential.


The Texas Education Agency offers several resources to support the academic growth of all students. These include:


The Office of Migrant Education has developed an Eligibility Matrix to assist stakeholders in ensuring that seasonal and migrant farmworkers receive the services they need.